About Us

We are an independent business based in West London, and have been dealing in antiques and decorative arts for the last 25 years.

It was decided, some 17 years ago, that an internet presence was needed. So a rudimentary website was built on the domain decorativeart.co.uk which went live on 02.02.2000. Six years later, we felt that the very basic website we were using, although it had served its purpose and become very popular, simply wasn't going to be able to do justice to the increasing content that it will need to exhibit. This more sophisticated site has been built, with a new 'cleaner' look and hopefully a better and easier browsing experience for our visitors and with better display of images.

Now, items in all categories are separated into the 'available' and the 'sold' archive sections, instead of being mixed together as it was on Decorativeart.co.uk. The new site includes all 'available' and 'sold' stock from the old site, but also displays a large quantity of new items in a number of categories.

We receive many requests for free valuations, and in some cases we are able to help. But please be aware that this is neither our job nor duty. We cannot value unseen and unexamined items, and any such email request should be accompanied by sufficient images, item dimensions and condition report. We are also happy to advise of our offer for certain items that we may wish to buy in.

We hope you will enjoy browsing through this, our new site at Decorativearts.net.