2006 Lustre Pottery Walking Ware Teaset + 2 cups (Sold)

Stock No. 239 

A new Lustre Pottery Walking Ware teaset with 2 cups, designed, made and decorated by Roger Michell in his studio. The edition of these unusual sets is strictly limited to 100, and each teapot is signed and numbered on the base of the feet. This is the first time that Walking Ware has been made in porcelain rather than earthenware. They have longer legs than the early Walking Ware and are more reminiscent of the French Maid cup with the 'high heels'.
This teapot bears the handwritten marks for Lustre Pottery and R.Michell to the base of the feet along with the edition number 27/100 and the date 2006. The other pieces are also hand marked with Lustre Pottery , R.Michell and the date 2006.

Dimensions :
height of teapot : 8 inches
height of milk jug : 4.75 inches
height of sugar bowl : 4 inches
height of cups : 4 inches

(cf. Walking Ware A Collector's Guide by Julia Michell pp.48-50)