Carlton Ware Walking Ware "Santa Claus" Mug (Sold)

Stock No. 288 

A Carlton Ware / Lustre Pottery Walking Ware mug, designed by Roger Michell for CarltonWare and Lustre Pottery, modelled as Father Christmas (Santa Claus). Unusually for a Walking Ware item, it is entirely decorated in over-glaze red, black, white and gold. These were popular when they were made but have since become one of the more difficult to find "Special" items of Walking Ware. This particular example is the one illustrated in "Walking Ware A Collectors Guide" by Julia Michell on page 40 item no.39 in the design list (see "Walking Ware Book" link to the left of this entry).
Condition is excellent with no damage or restoration.
Bears the semi-circular printed mark for Carlton Ware and Lustre Pottery 1980.

Dimensions :
height : 5 inches