A Lustre Pottery Long John Silver cup (Sold)

Stock No. 289 

A moulded Lustre Pottery Long John Silver Cup, complete with parrot seated on top of the handle, and one peg leg, designed by Roger Michell for Lustre Pottery and Rising Hawk. This series was only ever made by Lustre Pottery and Rising Hawk, and was never produced by Carlton Ware as incorrectly assumed by many people.
Lustre Pottery originally made this series as hand thrown pieces, then when demand increased, they were moulded. After these examples Rising Hawk produced them. We believe that this example belongs to the early moulded examples produced by Lustre Pottery and still bears the (now extremely scarce) sticker for Lustre Pottery '74 (see. illus. above). It is also slightly taller than previous Rising Hawk examples that we have examined. Like the ordinary moulded walking ware cups produced by Lustre Pottery before the Carlton Ware production began, it has both a slightly smaller foot (on the leg which has a foot!) and the rim of the cup is flared.
Condition is very good with no damage or restoration. Some unobtrusive crazing to the glaze.

("Walking Ware A Collectors Guide" by Julia Michell on page 30 item no.15 in the design list also see fig 27 page 64)
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Dimensions :
height (to top of cup) : 3.4 inches